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Strategic Planning

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Boese Property Management will assist investors to strategically position their real estate holdings to

endure changes in the economic environment. Strategies are the means to accomplish your investment

goals, providing a framework for establishing the actions or tactics to use on a day-to-day basis.


Several indicators are selected and

analyzed by Boese Property Management

in each of the following categories:

  • National economic indicators
  • Local metropolitan area economic indicators
  • Capital market indicators
  • National real estate market indicators
  • Local metropolitan real estate market indicators

The strategy for any

real estate investment

should be defined in the context

of current and anticipated future

economic and real estate market cycles.

As real estate is one of the most cyclical industries, successful investing requires

different strategies at different stages of the cycle. Knowing the best strategy at any point in time

requires careful monitoring and forecasting of the economic environment.



  • Cash Flow the ability to cover debt service and operating expenses
  • Growth Strategiesappreciation
  • Efficiency Strategies actions that increase profitability through diversification
  • Rationalization Strategies used to re-evaluate all of the investor’s pre-downturn strategies

These strategies help to determine how the investor anticipates, monitors, plans for,

and acts in a potential downturn or under other adverse conditions.



It is vital for investors to have a professional

strategy plan developed for reach real estate asset.



Investors need to be wise about when to shift activities from one asset type to the next. It is important that

investors are able to anticipate so they can be first, not last, to react to economic and cyclical

changes and do something about the composition of their real estate portfolio before it is too late.


As you implement your strategy, you must be prepared to act decisively. Real estate investors who hesitate too

long often fail in their mission to maximize investment returns. Boese Property Management will show you how

to prevent that from coming true.

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Strategic Planning

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