Boese Commercial - Leasing, Management, & Sales


What We Do

Boese Commercial brings something new to our clients: 24/7 availability. Anybody
can solve problems during business hours but it takes a special kind of firm to understand
that most crises happen after 5pm. The property management department of Boese
Commercial is willing to roll-up their sleeves and assist clients when the competition
goes home. This constant availability combined with the close management style of
Boese team members allows for the burden of property management to be lifted from
the shoulders of the owners.
Nothing replaces being on the property. This mindset is shared by all Boese Commercial
team members, who visit each commercial property managed by Boese on a frequent,
routine basis. Boese owners know exactly who is taking care of their property, and can
rest assured that all of their questions will be answered. This also means that team members
are able to make calculated decisions in a timely fashion, leading to the maximum benefit
for the owners.



Management Services Provided:

  • Provide accurate, monthly owners’ statements and distributions
  • Frequent and routine property inspections
  • Managers on call 24/7 for urgent property issues
  • Prompt collection of rent and past due balances
  • Properties serviced well and in a timely manner
  • Efficient handling of maintenance requests
  • Vacancies filled with highly qualified and carefully screened tenants
  • Effective leasing and marketing
  • Positive and professional tenant relations