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Maximize Your Portfolio

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Boese Property Management is a comprehensive real estate brokerage company that

delivers exceptional and highly personalized services. We provide a full-service company that

quite literally “does it all” for clients who want to create, expand, diversify,

and professionally manage their portfolio’s.


Acting synergistically for the benefit of 

clients, we open the door by way of our

property management expertise:

    • to strategically acquire real estate,
    • to a more secure future,
    • to more opportunities,
    • to the ability to move away

from financial constraints






Our service covers all aspects of
real estate investing – determining
a strategic investment plan for each
client, coordinating the acquisition
and closing of an asset, property
management, and asset management.
With Boese Property Management
working on your behalf, we can tip
the balance of success in your favor.


Successful investing is not just
about sourcing the real estate.
For any investor, the most
important time is what happens
after you have acquired an asset.
Distance from property management
where we coordinate the tenants,
asset management is about using
the real estate to the maximum
advantage of the client – determining
when to buy further assets, when to
sell, and when to carry out IRC 1031
tax-deferred exchanges.


At Boese Property Management
we pride ourselves on sitting down
with each client and determining
an investment strategy that is
tailor-made for them.

No one client is identical…

not all investment strategies are the same


Offering a high-level of service, we work on behalf of the client, making real estate

relaxing and more accessible. Whether you have an existing portfolio you are looking to have

managed, or you want to develop a portfolio, with Boese Property Management you have a team

of experts that you can call upon at any time.


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Maximize Your Portfolio

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