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IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

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A 1031 Exchange is a typical sale and

purchase that involves the same ingredients as

any other sale or purchase of business use or

investment property. The difference is that the

selling and buying power of the investor 

of business use or investment property has 

increased by the amount of the deferred capital

gains tax under Section 1031 regulations.


Boese Property Management’s goal is to 

fully shelter our increased cash flow resulting

from the 1031 Exchange. Utilizing your 

current business use or investment property

equity to leverage into a larger property,

or multiple smaller properties, is an excellent

way to increase after-tax cash flow by

as much as 100% or more.

IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

The Section 1031 regulations allow this

program to run on a tax deferred basis,

meaning that you are allowed to flip business

use and investment properties continuously.


You have the good fortune to be able to reinvest

your assets with NO TAX LIABILITY on the 

capital gains.


Anyone selling business use or investment 

properties should consider a 1031 Exchange 

as it offers astute investors opportunities to

reinvest federal and state capital gains that 

would normally be handed over to the IRS. 

You work too hard to simply pay the tax

without carefully considering this widely

used reinvestment option.


Boese Property Management has the skills to smoothly conclude

your 1031 Exchange transaction; you can rely on our staff to 

assist you with exchanges that include:

• Large and small office buildings

• Mixed-use office buildings

• Specialized use facilities

• Industrial parks

• Warehouse and distribution facilities

• Shopping centers

• Land

• Multi-family apartment units

• Hotels and motels

• Medical facilities


Boese Property Management will assure that the proper documentation

and structure is in place to support your entire transaction.

Our focus is on meeting every investor’s individual needs. 

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IRC 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

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